Invest with shares in Investering & Studiebolig and get priority to student-accommodation in the larger cities of Denmark as well as a long-term return of your investment.

There are still financial advisers and bank advisers that do not know of our company yet. Therefore, it is important that you contact us directly, to get an overview/list of the advisers that do know about us.

We believe that Investering & Studiebolig offer  healthy alternative to the traditional danish ”parental-purchasing”, that is often connected to market uncertainty along with time consuming and costly maintenance. By investing through shares in Investering & Studiebolig eg. as parents, you have been secured priority to student accommodation when your children will need it.

Set aside the inconvenience

All apartments of Investering & Studiebolig will be renovated and contain good facilities. We renovate the apartment ourselves after our purchase. This allows us to only offer attractive and ”ready-to-move-in” apartments that are most definitely suitable for student homes. The even better news for you as an investor is, that you leave the hassle of administrating the properties, up to us.

Would you like to secure your child a studio room, in one of Denmark’s major cities in the future?

-Then invest in shares, in Investering & Studiebolig today and receive a long-term profitable ROI, in multiple fixed properties.

A reasonable return implies an annual increase of value for the apartments, as well as the company’s capital is fully invested with a vacancy of up to 2 weeks annually, per apartment. Put into practice, the vacancy rate has been very close to with the exception of apartments that are purchased and renovated. In a growth phase where many apartments are bought, there will naturally be a greater vacancy level and thus a lower return.