THE COMPANY – About us

Parental purchase of student housing should be for everyone!

The purpose of Investment and Student Housing is to help all students to get a student housing at a reasonable price and on reasonable terms. With us, students pay between DKK 2,400 and DKK 4,600 for a study room including water, heating, internet, electricity and washing – we even buy kitchen equipment, lamp and blinds for the room. When moving out, you just have to paint the room, after which you get your entire deposit again, if you have not damaged anything.

We are now over 550 shareholders, who have priority for the apartments. The shareholders themselves decide whether they want to grant the priority to their own children, grandchildren or to others. So far, all shareholders have had their housing wishes fulfilled.

Shareholders achieve an expected return of 7.8% before tax. The return presupposes that the prices of the apartments increase in value by 1.5% annually and that the entire capital is invested. The return further presupposes that there is a maximum of 2 weeks of vacancy per apartment per year. It has not been a problem so far.

Investering og Studiebolig A / S was founded in 2015 and since then, the prices of the apartments have risen. Of course, we can not promise whether this continues, but historically property prices have always risen. Long-term, there is reasonable certainty that Investment and Student Housing will be a good investment. Meanwhile, you can enjoy helping young people (own children, grandchildren or completely others) to a studio apartment at a fair price and on reasonable terms.

In terms of investment, diversification has always been good advice. At a time when the stock market is very uncertain and the bond yield is close to 0, many choose to invest in real estate. With Investering og Studiebolig, it is possible to participate for DKK 120,120, and you rid of all the work that is normally done in relation to investing in real estate. You can invest with ordinary savings, company funds or pension funds. Investment and Student Housing has a binding advance notice from tax in relation to the use of pension funds.

Investment and Studiebolig’s values:

  • Respect:
    • For the students’ wishes, needs and finances
    • For shareholders’ money and expectation of returns
  • Properness
    • We put tenants, shareholders and employees at the center and treat them all in a proper way
  • Word keeping
    • We live up to our word in relation to tenants, shareholders, employees and partners. If there are changes in marketing conditions, we inform as soon as possible


We try to live up to the values ​​and put the young people and our shareholders at the center. The company’s administration costs are kept to a minimum and we are pleased with the support we experience from the shareholders and tenants.

By requesting material from this website, you can receive the prospectus, advisory list and subscription form. It is important that you contact an adviser from the list or are in dialogue with us. If you contact your regular adviser at the bank, he or she will often not be able to help you, as he or she does not know Investment and Student Housing.

Board of Directors
  • Leif Beck-Fallesen
    Leif Beck-FallesenChairman of the Board

    Educated Cand.scient.pol and has experience as CEO and editor-in-chief of Dagbladet Børsen.

    Leif Beck Fallesen is currently a financial commentator on TV2 and chairman of the board of DIS – Danish Institute for Studies Abroad. In his capacity as chairman of DIS, Leif Beck Fallesen has insight into the market for student housing, as DIS owns, leases and rents a large number of student housing to more than 3,000 American students.

  • Uffe Steiner Jensen
    Uffe Steiner JensenBoard of Directors

    Educated as a Civil Engineer from DTU and has a long career behind him at Elsam and Eltra. Uffe Steiner Jensen was mayor of Fredericia for a period of 12 years, where Fredericia was, among other things, “Danish champion” in the sale of commercial land through, among others, the project “Denmark C”. Uffe Steiner Jensen has extensive board experience from, for example, ADP / Fredericia Havn, his work as chairman of the board of Danish ports, Domea and as chairman of the board of Naturbydelen Ringkøbing K.

  • Bjarke Wolmar
    Bjarke WolmarBoard of Directors

    Educated Cand.merc. in financing and investment from Aarhus. Bjarke also has an MBA from South Bank University and INSEAD’s top management and board education. Bjarke Wolmar has experience from Danfoss and as head / director of Esbjerg Business Academy, SH Energi, Hydro Aluminum and Business Kolding.

  • Nadja Worrmann
    Nadja WorrmannOperation and administration

    Area: Kolding

    Nadja holds a degree in Marketing from VIA University College.

  • Birgitte Wolmar
    Birgitte WolmarEconomy and administration

    Birgitte is studying HA at Århus BSS

  • Filippa Arentoft
    Filippa ArentoftRental and administration

    Area: Frederikssundsvej – Brønshøj

    Filippa is studying to be a teacher at Copenhagen University College.

  • Jacobina Lorenz
    Jacobina LorenzRental and administration

    Area: Vanløse, Valby and Frederiksberg

    Jacobina is studying to be a primary school teacher at Copenhagen University College.

  • Lea Omdahl
      Lea OmdahlRental and administration

      Area: Amager

      Lea is studying Law in the second year at KU.

    • Holger Warncke
      Holger WarnckeRental and administration

      Area: Søborg and Brønshøj

    • Frida Jensen
        Frida JensenRental and administration

        Area: Amager and Østerbro

      • Sophia Holten-Nielsen
        Sophia Holten-NielsenRental and administration

        Area: Amager and Brønshøj

        Sophia has to study architecture

      • Katinka Høygaard
        Katinka HøygaardRental and administration

        Area: Aarhus

        Katinka studies social studies in Aarhus

      • Sophia Damgaard
        Sophia DamgaardRental and administration

        Area: Odense

        Sophia is studying for her HA law bachelor’s at SDU