We have gathered the most frequently asked questions below:

·         What do I do if I don’t have resources to invest in shares at the moment?

Contact us to hear about further opportunities to obtain a loan for your investment at an interest rate of 3% – less than the expected return of 7.8%

·        Which benefits do I get as a shareholder?

Apart from first priority to our attractive student homes, you will as an investor receive an expected annual return of 7.8%- Udover fortrinsret til attraktive studieboliger får du som aktionær et løbende afkast på forventet 7,8% – to this, any value increases may be added.

·         What happens if the properties increase in value?

Should the properties increase in value, the return will naturally increase too and vice versa, in the event of a drop in value.

·         Do I have to take care of all the practical things myself?

No, all apartments at Investering og Studiebolig will be newly renovated with great facilities. We renovate all apartments after purchase, which allows us to offer attractive and ready-to-move-in student housing. There will, upon arrival, be a lamp and blinds in each room and a fully equipped kitchen, ready for our new tenants. In most cases, happily return the full deposit when the tenant cleans and paints the room, and nothing is broken. The floor must also be adequate or, in the worst case, grinding must be done.

·         So I won’t have to handle administration?

No! -We can not stress this for you enough. Please take a seat in your favorite chair and leave all administration to us. We can ensure you that we have the experience and skills to handle all kinds of situations. We also have a wide range of connects to ensure that any work on the apartments are carried out in a safe manner, focusing towards quality and functionality. We will however, happily accept feedback and consider requests from you, in order to improve our service.

·         How should I understand my apartment opportunties in multiple cities?

Investering og Studiebolig owns apartments in multiple large cities in Denmark.

We listen to our investors and buy apartments according to shareholders’ wishes/needs.

In comparison to having money on your account at a low or negative interest rate, the return would be larger with 7.8% on an annual basis. If the apartments’ value decreases, the return could however, have a negative interest rate in a short period of time. Long-term, it is our clear expectation that the prices will increase with the generel inflation in our society today, in the way that they always have done historically.

1.5% price increase leads to a total return of about 4.5% fører til et samlet ekstra afkast på ca. 4,5% in addition to the basic operating return of at least 5.3%. So far, the basic operating return has been approx. 10%.

·         How do I sell my shares?

It is easier and cheaper to sell your shares in comparison to selling a condo. To sell an apartment can take some time and the transaction costs are typically between 50.000 and 100.000 kr.

The shares are valued on an ongoing basis, based on separate evaluations of the apartments values. A tradable price is then set – either through Investering & Studiebolig or directly between shareholders. We make capital increases twice a year when a minimum of 1 million DKK has been subsribed in shares. The shares can in this situation be sold.

Investering & Studiebolig will also regularly offer to buy back shares of the company. In about 2-3 years, we expect that Investering og Studiebolig will be listed on one of the smaller stock exchanges.

·         Who can rent the student apartments?

The shares gives the priority to rent an apartment. It is up to each individual investor to decide who will benefit from the investment in shape of accommodation. If no investor is interested in renting an available room, the room will be available to the public.