Study room for between DKK 2,400 and DKK 4,400 incl. water, electricity, internet and laundry-wash facilities.


Expect a reasonable return

We combine a reasonable return, with a SU-friendly rent whilst maintaining a high service level.

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Fill in your contact informations and receive further details & prospectus.


Studentrooms in 5 university cities

As an investor, you are assured a studentroom in the 5 biggest university cities in Denmark. You decide whom will benefit from your priority-benefit (children, grandchildren or others).

Expected reasonable return

Student accommodation is usually always rented out, as the demand is high. The expected long-term investment on 7,8% (before tax), includes a value increase of 1.5% and this can be either greater or less according to the prospectus.

Invest with pension funds

An investment through your pension funds is possible with us. The use of pension funds does however, require that you have your pension stored in a bank and that the depository is at least DKK 600,000.


The purpose of Investering og studiebolig is to help all students to a student room, at a reasonable price and on reasonable terms. With us, the students pay between DKK 2,400 and 4,600 for a student room with ”all inclusive” – we even buy kitchen equipment, lamps and blinds for the room. When moving out, simply paint the room before inspection and you will receive the entire deposit back, taking that you have not damaged anything. This will allow students to focus on the studies and they can easily move if they wish to study abroad or in another University city in Denmark (in this case, they can receive a new student room through us).
We are now over 500 investors whom are given priority to these apartments. The investors choose themselves who they want to grant priority rights to. So far, all shareholders’ wishes have been met. We continue to buy more properties wherever we find it necessary, in order to serve future wishes.
We have a couple of apartments in e.g. Frederiksberg, where the rent is a little higher. The apartments have been bought as a result of multiple wishes from investors.
The shareholders achieve an expected return of 7.8% before tax. Assuming that the prices of the apartments increase in value by 1.5% annually and that the full amount of capital is invested. The return further requires that there is a maximum of 2 weeks of vacancy per apartment per year. So far it has not been a problem.


Information evenings:

It has practically become impossible to find student accommodation in the larger university cities at a reasonable price and on reasonable terms.

Danske Bank, Investering & Studiebolig and Home therefore invites you to ongoing information meetings
about the possibilities for purchasing collectively between parents. (So far we only do meetings in danish, but if there are requests for english information meetings, we will consider this)

The possibilities of using pension funds will also be elaborated.
Apart from personal savings and pension funds, your third and last option is to invest through corporate assets.

If you do not have the option of- or interest in participating, it is important that you contact us so we can refer you to an adviser at your bank. -Only a few bank advisers are familiar with us and our concept. Please contact us to receive a list with them.

Sign up for our upcoming information-meetings

Our apartments

We have created an ”all inclusive” concept, where you will able to rent a room that includes utilities (water, heating and electricity), Wi-fi and laundry costs for between 2.400 kr. and 4.600 kr. per month- the concept applies to ALL rooms.


We have selected apartments in different areas of Copenhagen to suit the shareholder’s needs in relation to the location of the educational institutions.

We have chosen Frederiksberg and Valby primarily in relation to Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

We have chosen Amager as it is near the University of Copenhagen, we have selected Søborg near DTU and we have Brønshøj in relation to the educational institutions in the North West block.

Our prices in Copenhagen are between DKK 3,500 and DKK 4,600 including water, heating, electricity, internet and laundry expenses. However, we have chosen to purchase a location in Frederiksberg from the request of several shareholders – notice that the price level is slightly higher in this location.


We have apartments in Østerbro only 1 km away from City Hall Square and around 15 minutes by bicycle to the university or 5-10 minutes to City Campus.

We have apartments near the stadium, more specifically, 3 student rooms divided into 2 separate apartments. This is one of our most popular apartments.

It is around 15 minutes away from the university and downtown. Located in the center and at the train station (City Campus) and near IKEA / Rosengård center, where the university is located.

Our prices in Odense range between DKK 2,400 and DKK 3,800 including water, heating, electricity, internet and laundry expenses.


We currently have 1 apartment for rent in Kolding near the center. This covers our investors needs for student accommodation for mainly the design school and the university. It is in short walking distance from the city center, design school and university.

If you as a potential investor, have preferences in other cities than what we offer, please feel free to contact us and let’s have a talk about it.

We purchase properties near universities and schools, but we wait for acquisitions until an actual need arises.

Roskilde, Horsens, Esbjerg and naturally Aalborg would be locations of student housing where we would be able to expand to, should there be a need and wish for this from investors.


We have apartments between the university and the city centre.

We have apartments close to Harald Jensens Plads and also a newly built mini-dorm in Århus V.

All apartments are max. 15 minutes by bicycle distance from either the university or Århus BSS.

Our prices in Århus are priced between 2,900 kr and 4,500 kr including water, heating, electricity, internet and laundry expenses. The student rooms priced at 4,500 kr have their own kitchen area, bathroom and are located next to the university.

Leif Winum

Leif Winum, Cand. oecon.

Wicon Consulting

My daughter started studying at CBS in Copenhagen in september 2017, I therefore chose to invest in Investering & Studiebolig approximately half a year before the semester started. I did this because the concept is highly flexible in contrast to an ordinary parent-buy. The engagement has fully met my expectations, as my daughter will be able to move into a student room in one of the apartments in Copenhagen. The dialogue with Investering og Studiebolig about our wishes for the student room, throughout the process.

(Translated from danish)

Maria_Lønborg-Andersen- billede

Maria Lønborg Andersen,

”I met Bjarke at a presentation for Investering og Studiebolig in the spring of 2019 and got the impression that the company was led by a passionate person with healthy values, and with a focus on finding af pragmatic, practical and profitable solution on the common problem- that it is always difficult to find student accommodation in the country’s larger cities.

I think that the cost structure for investors as well as for the tenants is well-structured, fairly distributed and is kept at a reasonable level, where you as an investor don’t feel that a larger portion of your investment goes to subscription fees/provision, ongoing administration, etc. At the same time, the tenants receive housing including everything, at a fair price.

The presumptions behind return-expectations seem realistic and over a number of years, I think that the real estate market is a relatively secure investment. The spread of properties in multiple cities, ensures against local price fluctuations and thereby reduce risks.

Furthermore, I have two children and a handful of nieces and nephews whom, in the future will need to find accommodation, where one might want to give a helping hand through the priority-rights in which a shareholder has. As it is also possible to invest with pension funds, it was really no tough decision to invest in Investering og Studiebolig A/S.”

(Translated from danish)

kim japp

Kim Japp,

Financial Services, Ørsted

I have chosen to be a shareholder of Investering og Studiebolig, as I believe it serves a great purpose alongside gaining a return of investment. It will be quite a few years before my daughter needs a student apartment herself, but until then, I am happy to have an investment in student homes, in which can always be rented out.

(Translated from danish)

lars erik høgh

Lars Erik Høgh, 

CEO, Nordic Fund Services S.A.

I am a shareholder in Investering & Studiebolig, primarily because I consider there to be an attractive relation between return and risk. I believe that the danish housing market will continue to be healthy and additionally, that the demand for student housing also will be high in the coming years. Apart from this, I know the people behind the initiative as a guarantee for safety and orderliness, whilst I have the possibility to do a good deed for my family and friend’s study-seeking children. Finally, it is always interesting to be art of something that starts in the small and grows steadily larger.

(Translated from danish)

Nicoline og mor. 4.5.2020_Page_1

Hanne Heebøll,

We are a family from Copenhagen  whom have been searching for an alternative for parental purchase of a student apartment, when the older children will be moving away from home to study. It’s practically impossible for the young people to be considered for a traditional dorm room when the parents live in or near Copenhagen.

We per coincidence came across “Investering og Studiebolig” in the newspaper.

As an investor in “Investering og Studiebolig” , we have found a cheaper solution to our problem of finding a smaller investment with a modest risk. And the locations of the student homes are all in fairly reasonable distant from everything.

It has fully lived up to our expectations.

My daughter has moved into a mini-dorm in Vanløse during her gap year, before she starts studying in september 2020.

We have felt completely safe during the whole process of purchasing the shares, but also in regards to my daughters moving into the dorm, where ”Investering og Studiebolig” has helped make our wishes come true.

And should thee children want to move- either to another place in Copenhagen or to another student cities in denmark, there will also be opportunities here with all the different locations they in time have acquired.

When little brother needs a student apartment in a couple of years, we will definitely go to Investering og Studiebolig again.


Hanne Heebøll, chief physician, Hellerup

Nicoline Kabel, daughter, Vanløse

(Translated from danish)