Husorden og krav for alle lejemål

Code of conduct for all homeowner associations must be respected!

Any additional rules of order can be found in the rental contract

  • Smoking is NOT allowed on the property. (neither outside -nor indoors)
  • Vermin must be reported to the landlord immediately.
  • Pets shall not be kept in the apartment.
  • Ventilation of the apartment must be done daily.

Code of conduct for the apartments:

  • Washing and drying of clothes may only be done at specific places and times. Clothes may not be dried in the apartment or from balconies.
  • Waste of water, heating and electricity must be avoided. Remember to turn off the heating, when ventilating. Avoid having a high room temperature in the apartment. The thermostat on the heater should be kept at 3 (around 21-22 degrees Celsius).
  • Do not flush anything in the toilet bowl, that can block the drain. Tenant(s) are responsible for cleaning their drains in the apartments.
  • Tenant(s) must alternate cleaning/chores between them, in common areas. Tenant(s) must also alternate the shopping for shared expenses such as, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc. Typically each tenant carries this responsibility in their own weeks. This, Including emptying of any dishwasher.
  • Keep the kitchen clean and remove dirty dishes right after cooking and consuming your meals.
  • Common areas for which the owners’ association has agreements for joint cleaning (including gardening) must also be shared by the residents.
  • The tenant(s) are responsible for the internal maintenance during the rental period. That is, the floors must be kept neat and room must be painted if deemed necessary.
  • As a rule, the floor is washed with a hard-woven cloth with soap shavings.
  • The other residents must be considered. Noise and especially loud music should not be a nuisance to the other residents and shall be avoided in the time between 10:00pm – 07:00am.
  • If you wish to have a party, you must notify other residents with a note in/at the entrance of the building. This note should be early enough for other residents to schedule around it. -Even though you are having a party, you are still expected to respect the other residents and limit the amount of noise and loud music coming from your apartment.
  • Garbage should be assorted into the containers assigned for the different materials. If you as a tenant have other garbage materials than kitchen waste and cardboard, it is your responsibility to dispose of it. If the garbage is distributed into the wrong containers- there may be an extra charge to the tenant.

Internet in the apartments

Having a strong internet connection is very important for our busy students. Therefore we make it priority to pay for fast speed and strong connection wifi. We are willing to change suppliers when a better one has been found. Feel free to contact us if we haven’t found the best connection for your apartment, so we can agree on a supplier together, to better accommodate your needs for a stabil connection.

Investering og Studiebolig provides and pay for one Internet connection in each property / apartment. Investering og Studiebolig is not responsible for lack of internet due to delayed delivery, delivery time, crashes, over-cut cables, failed deliveries from telecommunications companies or other technical defects in routers etc. Investering og Studiebolig will try to solve the problems as quickly as possible, in a way that one would ordinarily expect.


Investering og Studiebolig attempts to keep a spare key, so that a new one can be made if you lose your key. Investering og Studiebolig will not enter the apartment without prior agreement.

If you lose your keys, we will NOT cover the costs associated with this and the amount will be deducted from your deposit. However, we will make sure a new key is made, available for you as soon as possible. (extra costs will apply, if there is no key to make a copy of, and therefore need to order a new cylinder and key)

All common areas must be kept tidy and clean.  

  • You may not place personal effects on common areas, these must be placed in their own basement rooms or in own tenancy.
  • Strollers, bicycles, mopeds, etc. may not be parked other places than as directed by the landlord.
  • On properties with many bicycles, we recommend that you park in a way, so everyone can get a space.

Indflytning og Opsigelse

Key transfer:

You will be called in for a move-in view / key transfer via your contract.

Moving in:

In principle, the date of occupancy is the same as the one on the lease. On certain occasions, you may be given keys to the apartment before the date of occupancy. However, you will be charged rent for those extra days you move in ahead of time.

Termination of lease:

Can be sent by e-mail to –

I just moved in

TV, electricity and heating:

We will take care of registering the apartment to supply-companies for heating, etc. You do NOT have to do anything.

Fault and/or absence list:

You have 14 days from move-in date to send us any information of faults or missing items, etc. in the apartment. Please also send your message with photos for documentation of this.

Can be sent by e-mail to –

Generally, we want to be flexible and go a long way to make sure everyone is happy, but since we have many tenants, we must look to enforce our rules.

-You are always very welcome to ask us if you have any doubts!

If you have questions or wish to speak with us