Our Apartments

Investering og Studiebolig was founded in 2015 primarily with 3-room apartments, but have since expanded to mini apartments, which has given us positive feedback from our tenants.

  • Our focus has been on student accommodation adjusted to the student’s need for flexibility
  • Utilities are included in the rent – including internet and washing facilities
  • Prepared rooms with lamps and blinds to make the move-in/-out experience easier for you
  • All kitchens are fully equipped with necessities (…and more)

We have had a great deal of success with this concept, not only for the obvious reasons mentioned above, but also running it on a notion that upon move-out, you will receive your full deposit back- if the room is painted and nothing is broken. We realize that a students highest expense is typically rent, and we only want to be of help to a healthy economy in any student’s life.

Since 2019 we have had a specific focus on building a mini-apartment in Aarhus V and 2 in Copenhagen (Vanløse and Amager-areas) whilst still keeping our existing 3-room apartments.

See photos of the apartments in each city below:

Our apartments
Rådhuset I Odense
Slotssøen i Kolding