Investering & Studiebolig is a healthy alternative to an often uncertain and time-consuming market of parental buying. As a shareholder in the company, you receive priority to our student accommodation options, in an attractive student-friendly environment. You also leave all the practical work associated with the purchase, up to us, such as renovation, administration, maintenance, repairs, etc.

The rooms are equipped with lamps and blinds and the kitchen is equipped with all necessary cooking and dining equipment.

Parental purchase or stock purchase?

A traditional parental purchase can be an investment full of risks such as exposure to an eventual financial loss with the purchase. Partly due to daily expenses for maintenance of the apartment, but also finding new reliable tenants or interested buyer when the apartment is no longer needed.

With stock purchase in Investering & Studiebolig, you will not need to worry about any of this, or any unforeseen expenses that suddenly appear. Investering & Studiebolig carries full responsibility for ALL the practical work in relation to finding tenants, creating rental contracts, along with  the entire practice of heating accounting, renovation and maintenance of the apartments, etc.

Moreover, we make sure to solve any issues that requires special attention from craftsmen and professional advisers. So it is quite easy and worry-free to become a co-owner of student housing with us.


The practical and safe solution

We know that an investment of any kind, should always be made after careful consideration and weighing of options. Therefore we want to ensure that all our investors feel safe and cared for when handling their life savings, pension funds or corporate assets. An investment in Investering & Studiebolig is the obvious solution for anyone whom:

  1. lives abroad and has children that wish to study in Denmark.
  2. wants to invest but is still uncertain as to where your children wishes to study in the future (there is always the benefit of a reasonable return)
  3. wishes to help family or friends with a student accommodation need, but don’t want to expose your personal economy to a potential loss, in relation to a regular property purchase

In other words, an investment made in Investering og Studiebolig, is the most practical and safe solution.