Investering & Studiebolig is a great alternative for an often unstable and time consuming parental purchase, related to purchasing of property. As an investor in the company,you will get priority on all our student homes, in an attractive student enivironment. You will find yourself to be free of all paperwork, renovations, realtor expenses, etc. regarding the properties. Investering & Studiebolig will takes care of all repairs, administration, operations and maintenance for you.

The rooms come with integrated lamps and blinds for the windows. The kitchen is equipped with cutlery and other essential cooking equipment.

Parent-purchasing or Investment?

A traditional parental purchase can become a risky investment, since you as a parent will be exposed for a possible loss on your purchase. Furthermore, there are the continuous expenses related to maintenance of the apartment and the concern of finding the right tenants or an interested buyer, when the children finish their studies and wish to move away- not to mention all the unforeseen costs.

With your investment in Investering & Studiebolig, you dont have to think about any of that. Investering & Studiebolig carries the full responsibility for all the practicalities of finding reliable tenants, making rental contracts, financial accounting, renovations and maintenance.

Furtermore, we also take care of solving tasks that require the use of carpenters and professional advisers. So it is quite easy and worry-free to be one of our shareholders/co-owners of student housing.


The practical and safe solution…

Investing in shares at Investering & Studiebolig is the obvious solution for you whom lives abroad and have children whom would like to study in Denmark. It is also an obvious opportunity for whom ever wants to make an investment, but does not yet know which city your children will study in, sometime in the future. Last but not least, it is the solution for you whom wants to help your children into a home, but does not want to expose your own finances to a potential loss, in connection with property purchases. In other words, a share purchase at Investering og Studiebolig is the practical and safe solution.